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#11 West Virginia: Country Roads, Take us to the Fish

West Virginia was our last stop before finally headed home after 5 weeks on the road. Luckily this is close enough to home that we could get advice from people back home. At the recommendation of our friend Russel Smith, we fished at Seneca Creek, which was absolutely loaded with brook trout. We caught four beautiful brook trout, and then decided to call it a day because it had been a good hike to reach the stream. That night we stayed with our friend at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Michael Isler.

We were planning to fish the Shenandoah area for a Virginia brook trout the next day, but decided that night to save our home state of Virginia for the final state, and so in the morning we headed back home, finished with our first 11 states and the north eastern leg of our journey.



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