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#14- Indiana, Why do you not have a State Fish Yet?

We arrived late that night in Southern Indiana, and fished around Louisville on the Indiana side of the Ohio River. Indiana has no official state fish, so we decided that catching a bass would be a safe bet, being one of the most popular sportfish in the country. We didn’t stay long as we didn’t get any bites, and the next morning decided to try to hop the border into Illinois for a bluegill - what should have been the easiest of all state fish to catch. We fished for a bit and caught some almost immediately. However someone on the FishBrain app later pointed out that what we had actually caught were small pumpkinseed! More on this later when we had to return to Illinois to correct our error. After our "catch", we started to drive across Indiana towards Ohio.

We stopped at a few little ponds and creeks on the way, and caught some smallmouth bass and a little largemouth and figured that Indiana was not complete. Once we had done this, we headed to Ohio and spent the night in Ohio, a state with dueling state fish.



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