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#26- Freezing in Florida

For our Florida catch, we drove down to the north side of Orlando to stay with some friends of my parents, the Kenefick family. We had not appreciated what a fishing mecca Orlando was, and were excited to go out on the lakes to catch our Largemouth bass.

We arrived in the late afternoon and got to eat a good meal for dinner before watching the Washington Football Team (our home town) end the Steeler's undefeated season. All in all a great night!

Early the next morning we went out on Lake Conway to try to catch our fish. Brett Kenefick had asked his friend, Jim Topmiller, to come out with us. Jim is a Major League Fishing angler from Orlando, with multiple top 10 finishes - so this was a real treat for us. Jim had a lot of unique equipment, including homemade roads and lures, and we caught a bunch of Largemouth Bass.

Unfortunately we didn’t get typical Florida weather, it was 36 degrees! But we had our state fish, and that's what mattered. We spent another warm and dry night with the Keneficks before heading back in the direction of New Orleans the next day.



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