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#31-Alabama Part 2: Historic Cold Snap

Alabama was a struggle. We got there just as a historic cold front was moving through. Thankfully it didn’t dump snow like it did in Texas, but it was in the teens for for several days, which made it very difficult to get the Largemouth Bass to bite. Also difficult to sleep in the van at night but we managed, waking up every so often to turn on the car and heater.

We tried a bunch of different ponds in the Birmingham and Tuscaloosa area, and after a few days found a good population of Largemouth in a pond in Pinson, North-East of Birmingham. We could see them schooled up around logs and drop offs around the pond, but no matter what lure we threw they would not bite.

We eventually decided to try live bait, and went and got some shiners. The next day was warmer and that along with the live bait, that did the trick. We caught three decent Largemouths, one of them over three pounds.

After that, we went down to Montgomery for a news interview, and then stopped by Auburn University to see our friends from high school, the Suttles brothers. We then drove back up through the state and headed across Tennessee towards Arkansas, stopping at the Bass Pro Pyramid in Memphis, which was everything we could ever have dreamed of. We couldn't afford to actually stay in the hotel, but we could see it from our comfy van in the parking lot.



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