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#36: Almost Out of time, in Utah

We got up at 8am the next morning and drove up to the spot Donny gave us, a tributary of the Logan river, about an hour and a half away from Salt Lake City. We made it up there and set out using small dry flies as we had been instructed. Daniel caught his first trout after we struck out on the first few pools, only about an hour into the day. There were tons of fish in the stream, they just didn’t seem hungry.

The struggles continued, and all day we hiked up and down the stream, casting on fish trying all different kinds of flies at them but we couldn’t get another to bite. We had been sticking to the same couple pools the majority of the day, its hard to move on when you can see that many fish. We then ran into the head of the Utah Game and Fish Department, who actually used to live five minutes away from our home in Fairfax, Virginia.

He told us about the stream, and how the trout were doing so well due to the stocking program they had implemented. He told us that we could try hiking further up, and we took his advice and found pools full of more trout than seemed possible. It was getting late, almost 8PM, and the light was fading fast. We started to worry that our streak of consecutive states was about to run out. Despite the light fading, we got multiple bites every time we cast into the pool, and before long I had caught one, and Daniel caught his second.

We were tired and dehydrated from a long day of fishing on very little sleep, but excited that we had completed another state in a day. That night Daniel drove to Elko, a town in North-Central Nevada that we found on the map with a fly shop we could get some advice from. Another successful one fih one state day!



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