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Hanging with Locals in Kentucky #13

The next day we headed to Kentucky to catch some spotted bass, a new species for both of us. We started at lake Cumberland, and had no luck catching them there in our first day and a half from shore. We did however catch some Pumpkinseed and catfish. Our first night in Kentucky, parked at a Walmart to sleep, we ran into a group of local Kentucky boys hanging out in the lot who asked what we were up to. We told them about our mission, and talked fishing with them for a while, and played some rounds of Among Us.

The next day we decided to go up to green river lake and try there, where we caught some blue catfish and pumpkinseed, as well as hooking into a musky that snapped my line. Still no luck on the spotted bass however, so we asked around at some local bait and tackle shops and got some advice on where to go. On the recommendation of one of these places, we headed to Lily creek, which feeds into lake Cumberland. We caught three small spotted bass, but they still counted. The were a lot smaller than they look in these pictures, but my dad taught me a long time ago how to make a fish count for the camera!

So after a short successful visit to Kentucky, we headed towards Indiana.



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