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If you can catch it here, you can catch it anywhere....New York #9

After a long slog in Vermont, catching Brook Trout in New York turned out to be much easier.

Our first stop was the Adirondacks. I spent my summers growing up here at summer camp at Deerfoot Lodge, so I was familiar with the area. We fished at Ampersand Brook, a small stream in the upper Adirondack mountains. We caught some small fallfish and managed to see few trout, but most were brown trout and very skittish.

After driving to Saranac for cellphone service to look for a new spot, we decided to go towards Rochester. We were staying with my former neighbors, the Lippman Family in Niagara the next day and could fish the Allegheny State park. We fished at Bee Hunter Creek, and immediately caught several brook trout quite quickly.

We then drove up to Niagara for the night. While there we got eat at the local yacht club to eat fantastic buffalo wings, and finally visited Niagara Falls at night. We also got do your first podcast. We hopped on a Skype call to join Rob Snowhite on his podcast, The Fly Fishing Consultant Podcast.



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