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New Hampshire #5: Live free or Die at 3AM

We knew we would need to go out on a deep sea boat in Massachusetts for a Cod, and so once we got there we started looking around for boats, and settled on Yankee Fleets out of Gloucester. They didn't have any availability until Wednesday morning, and we had arrived in Massachusetts on Saturday.

We decided to go up to New Hampshire and knock off one more state before going out on the boat. We spent the day in Boston. and picked up some new Crocs for me since these seem about the most practical shoes to fish in water in. These became well loved and used. although I changed my mind later once the cold set in in Vermont.

We then drove up to Hampton Beach in New Hampshire to fish around a bridge we knew from Fishbrain to be a good spot for stripers. We fished three nights in a row for the bass, at high tide, which was at one, two, and three in the morning. We met some other interesting characters while out fishing at three in the morning. While some weren’t very talkative, others lamented to us loudly about how the fish weren’t biting. However, when we went under the bridge, we caught fish every night. Similarly to Rhode Island, we found that right around the time that the tide flipped was out best bet. Daniel caught one Striped Bass each night, for three total, and I finally managed to reel one in on the third night. We again used shallow diving jerkbaits. We had an extra day before we needed to be back in Gloucester, so we drove up to Sebago lake in Maine to fish for a day before going back down to Massachusetts to get our Cod.



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