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Tennessee Titans - Fishing for #12

After about a week and a half of R&R home, we were off on the second leg of our journey! We learned a lot on our first leg, and this time we left with boxes and boxes of ramen.

Our first stop was Tennessee, where we planned to stay with our high school friend, Sebastian Whittle, who is a freshman at the University of Tennessee. We met him at a spot on the Little River, near Knoxville. We fished as we waded down the river, targeting Smallmouth Bass, the state fish, but caught only creek chub. I did however manage to catch one beautiful rainbow trout.

Due to the seven hour drive down to Tennessee, we didn’t have too much daylight, so after about an hour and a half we headed back to Knoxville to grab some dinner. Sebastian told us he lost his phone somewhere between the river and the university, so we drove back to look for it around our last stop on the river. By a stroke of luck (and a bit of tech), using find my iPhone, we found his phone on the side of the road, where it had fallen off of his truck. It was completely undamaged. This would not be the last iPhone diversion of this trip, but it would be the shortest.

The next day, we went to a different spot on the Little River, and started off the day catching some rock bass. We were momentarily distracted by a large rope swing, but got back on track and caught some Smallmouth below a dam. We kept going downriver and ended up catching a ton of little bass before heading back to Knoxville where we spent the night.



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