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The Adventure Begins - #1 Maryland!

We left home on Saturday, August 22nd. Our van was packed and our gas tank was full as we headed off on our great 1-year 50-state adventure. Our first state was Maryland - a place we knew well, and had fished in many times before, That didn't stop it being a challenge.

I am used to fishing in this area, and catching monster catfish on the Potomac river in the DC-Maryland-Virginia area.

This was not to be the case on the first stop of our memorable trip in Maryland.

We began at Liberty Reservoir to try to catch a striped bass in freshwater. This proved difficult from the shore, given that in the fall they tend to school more and feed on large schools of baitfish which are often far from the shore. After no luck there, we drove to Fort Smallwood park on the coast and caught some croakers and two tiny little striped bass using some crabs as cut bait. It was a great start to the trip to get the first state in one day. That night we drove to Delaware and spent the first of many nights sleeping in our van in a Rite Aid parking lot.



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