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Fish All Fifty - The Final State
Fish All Fifty - The Final State
Aug 08, 2021, 9:00 AM
Rapidan Headwaters Park
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Luke and Daniel are two best friends from Virginia. In August of 2020 they were headed to Clemson University for their freshman year where they would be room mates. After colleges went online, they went fishing. They decided to pursue a goal of caching the state fish of all 50 states. They set out in September 2020 for their first leg.....


Their journey so far has taken them to all 50 states, travelling more than 50,000 km in their moms old minivans (one of which they totaled with no injuries). They have raised over $15000 from generous supporters and some corporations, including Fishbrain and Walmart, with clothing sponsorships from Salt Life and Crocs. They have appeared in local and national press and on television dozens of times, as they have told their story of taking to the great (safe) outdoors during the pandemic. They have caught big fish and small fish, met ordinary and extraordinary people throughout the country, with not a single bad experience in any state. Complete strangers everywhere took them in, fed them, washed their fishy clothes and told them about their secret fishing holes. They have blogged about their adventures and mis-adaventures, and The Discovery Channel is planning on releasing a movie in 2023 about their journey (okay this last part isn't true. Yet.)

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